On Saturday April 30 2011, I attended a church camp where Rob Bailey would be speaking. Before leaving home, I was praying for the meeting and saw 2 broken vessels on the floor. My response to this was the thought that there might be some healings. At some time through the day I saw a circle of very small broken pieces of pottery. My response to this was the thought “You can’t put a fresh (new) patch on an old wineskin”.

The first session – the teaching session – taken by Rob was excellent. After a break, Rob was to demonstrate his teaching by giving prophetic words to each of us.

When Rob spoke to me, I became quite distressed. He was saying beautiful things about me from the Holy Spirit and all that I could see was my unworthy self with all my faults and failings.

At home, that evening, I was in tears saying over and over “I don’t deserve this”.

Then I heard the words “You never have”. I was broken. I saw my wretched sin. Then I experienced Grace – not a Scripture, but a real experience of Grace which is impossible to describe.

I had never imagined that I was to have been a broken vessel that I had seen.

After receiving the CD of the words you spoke and discussing them with Steve, I can accept those words and a greater blessing is that I now have a confidence in who I am and where I am in the things of the Lord,

Thank you and God bless you and Liz in the ministry.

Eunice Corker

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